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Specifications 1.Maximum support 4096*2160@30Hz 2.Support HDM11.4 3.Support DDC CEC HPD signal 4.No need to set, fully adaptive, automatic identification EDID and CEC 5.Multi mode transmission 1km, single mode transmission 10Km 6.Standard HDMI terminal 7.Built-in USB terminal for power supply 8.Support for hot plug 9.Good EMI/RMI resistance 10.Fiber module 1310nm or 1310nm/1550nm wavelength 11.Use LC optical connector 12.Operating temperature: -20°C ~70°C
Product Details
Ho-Link Mini 4K HDMI fiber to video/audio is composed of the transmitter and the receiver. The video/audio output from the computer host (HD video signal source, HD DVD/DVR and other devices) are extended to the remote user through optical fiber, and the image and sound of the computer host are broadcasted in real time at the remote end.

1.Mini 4K 30Hz HDMI optical transmitter and receiver can transmit video images with maximum resolution of       4096*2160@30Hz, single fiber or dual fiber.
2.HDMI transmitter transmit one channel HDMI1.4 uncompressed video signal through the wavelength 1310nm, the transmission distance up to 1km, the maximum resolution 4096*2160@30Hz.
3.The transmitter encode the HDMI video signal into 10 Gb/s serial data and transmit it with a single fiber, receiver convert serial data to HDMI signal.
4.Mini 4K 30HZ HDMI optical converter use the LC fiber connector and the single mode fiber linkage. Through the standard micro-USB terminal +5 V power supply. 

Technical Indexes



Rate per channel


Power consumption

1420 mW TX Side

1220 mW RX Side

Power supply


Maximum resolution


Refresh frequency

Up to 30 Hz

Color depth

Up to 48-bit


Multi mode 1310nm 550m , single mode 1310nm/1550nm 10km

Bit Error Rate Performance


Laser output power

TX power >-5 db

RX Sensitivity >-14 db



Packing size




Electrical Interface

19 Pins HDMI Type Port

5 Pins USB Standard B

Packing list

HL-MN-4KHDMI-1V-TL Transmitter   1 pcs

HL-MN-4KHDMI-1V-RL Receiver     1 pcs

Micro-USB interface +5V adapter       2 pcs

User’s Manual

Please check carefully whether the above items are included , If any item(s) missing, please contact the manufacturer.

Connection Diagram

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